Refund policy

1. Complaints about non-conforming delivery or about defects identified during delivery, about possible incorrect execution or about the price of the product
delivered goods are only admissible if they are received within 5 days after receipt of the goods or after receipt of the invoice
have been reported in writing to our company's registered office.
2. Under proper use in normal operating conditions and provided that they are appropriately applied, our products are warranted against defects from
manufacturing or finishing. Our warranty is limited to, at our discretion, the products or parts of which the defect is thus proven
repair or replace. We reserve the right either to inspect the product with the customer or to demand that the product be in
costs is returned to our company for inspection. Our warranty does not cover goods that have been damaged or exposed
accident, misuse or abusive use, nor goods that have been altered or repaired by anyone other than us
authorized representative.
This warranty limits our liability in an absolute and exclusive manner and constitutes the purchaser's sole remedy for any
any damages in connection with the sale or supply of our products or parts, their design, their suitability for
use that the buyer wishes to make of them, their installations or operation, as well as for any defect therein. Under no circumstances are we
responsible for any indirect or secondary damage. Our liability on any ground whatsoever is limited to the amount of
received the price for the goods that might compromise our responsibility.
3. Return shipments are only accepted with our prior written consent and subject to carriage paid.
4. The existence of a complaint is not sufficient ground for the customer to suspend or postpone his payments.