Terms of service

art. 1. GENERAL
1. In these general terms and conditions of sale, 'buyer' means: every agreement concludes or wishes to conclude
concerning goods offered for sale by us of manufactured goods on behalf of third parties.
2. The general terms and conditions apply to all eleven agreements with all other terms and conditions
or third parties have deposited elders' stipulations on their stationery or other documents.
3. By changing the provisions of these terms and conditions.
4. Express payment of the transfer of ownership of the goods shall only be made upon full payment of
this last one.

Art.2 - PRICES
1. Our price offers are only binding if the order is placed by return of post, unless we expressly agree in writing in other terms
connect sentence. The prices are calculated for delivery ex warehouse excluding transport costs, VAT and other administrative costs.
2. Will be charged separately:
a. The price increases stipulated in paragraph 3 of this article and the interest and compensation provided for in article 6.
b. The advances for freight and other expenses.
3. If, after the agreement has been concluded, the raw material prices, energy costs, freight rates, import and export duties or other
levies and whether taxes at home or abroad are increased resp. new ones are introduced, or if wages, salaries and social security
charges pursuant to statutory regulations or collective labor agreements are increased or if the costs ultimately increase for us
due to changes in the exchange rate, we have the right to increase the price in proportion to these increases, subject to the
any existing legal requirements.

1. The delivery period starts after the order has been accepted in writing by our management. A quotation or commitment from our agents cannot be
be bindingly invoked.
2. Unless otherwise stated, the indicated delivery period is not strictly applicable. We will marry in good faith to the extent possible
endeavor to respect the deadline. However, a delay in delivery never entitles you to compensation or to dissolution of the contract
3. In case of force majeure such as strike, revolt, war, etc., we have the right to suspend the execution of the order or
even cancel the agreement in whole or in part.
1. The costs and risks of transport from our warehouses are exclusively for the account of the customer.
1. Complaints about non-compliant delivery or about defects identified during delivery, about possible incorrect execution or about the price of the product
delivered goods are only admissible if they are received within 5 days after receipt of the goods or after receipt of the invoice
have been reported in writing to our company's registered office.
2. Under proper use in normal operating conditions and provided that they are appropriately applied, our products are warranted against defects from
manufacturing or finishing. Our warranty is limited to, at our discretion, the products or parts of which the defect is thus proven
repair or replace. We reserve the right either to inspect the product with the customer or to demand that the product be in
costs is returned to our company for inspection. Our warranty does not cover goods that have been damaged or exposed
accident, misuse or abusive use, nor goods that have been altered or repaired by anyone other than us
authorized representative.
This warranty limits our liability in an absolute and exclusive manner and constitutes the purchaser's sole remedy for any
any damages in connection with the sale or supply of our products or parts, their design, their suitability for
use that the buyer wishes to make of them, their installations or operation, as well as for any defect therein. Under no circumstances are we
responsible for any indirect or secondary damage. Our liability on any ground whatsoever is limited to the amount of
received the price for the goods that might compromise our responsibility.
3. Return shipments are only accepted with our prior written consent and subject to carriage paid.
4. The existence of a complaint is not sufficient ground for the customer to suspend or postpone his payments.

1. Insofar as no other payment conditions have been agreed in writing, payment must be made within thirty days from the invoice date
2. We always have the right to request full or partial advance payments of the price or to only deliver cash on delivery.
3. All payments must be made at our offices or through our bank account without any deduction or set-off.
4. In the event of non-payment on the due date, late payment interest of 2% per month will be due on the invoice amount, by operation of law
without a prior notice of default having to be given, this in derogation of the provisions of art. 1146 B.W.
We reserve the right to demand immediate payment of any outstanding claim against the debtor and any order or
to cancel the contract. If the buyer accepts bills of exchange and one of the bills does not pay on the due date, the outstanding amounts
bills of exchange at once and immediately due and payable.
In the event of non-payment on the due date as a result of negligence or bad will, the amount due will be increased by operation of law.
be with 20% with a minimum of 125 €. , this as a lump sum compensation without prejudice to all costs and interest on arrears, in title
of a conventional penalty clause without a prior notice of default being required. (art.1147 - 1152 B.W.)
The interest and the fixed compensation are charged monthly and are due by operation of law from the due date.
Payment will only take place at the moment that we obtain free and complete disposal of the amount owed. Will be on account
delivered, the customer is held by our books in the sense that the customer - barring proof to the contrary - will keep these accounting records as correct
acknowledge 5. If the customer fails to make a payment, all sums owed by the customer to us, up to its full amount, will be immediately
payable, even for orders that have not yet been delivered.
6. In that case, we can suspend the execution of all orders accepted for the customer until the debt is paid within the time limit set by us
conditions and terms has been settled and the customer has guaranteed his ability to pay to us.
7. If payment has not been made within that period or if the security referred to in the previous paragraph has not been provided, we may
cancel accepted orders by the customer, without prejudice to our rights to compensation.
8. The acceptance of bills of exchange does not result in novation and all sales and payment conditions, including those of art. 6, remain at
our claim applies.
1. We are entitled to change the general terms and conditions of sale. The amended terms and conditions apply as soon as the customer of
was able to take cognizance of this change and has not made any reservations about the change.

1. The Justice of the Peace of the canton and the Commercial Court or the Court of First Instance in Kortrijk have exclusive jurisdiction
in case of disputes or disputes.
However, we reserve the right to waive this jurisdictional clause. This clause applies even in cases of
summons in indemnification or by majority of the defendants.
1. The delivered goods remain the property of the company until full payment of the purchase price. These goods can therefore be
full payment will not be alienated. Notwithstanding the retention of title clause, the buyer bears all risks relating to
the delivered merchandise. If the buyer fails to pay for the delivered goods on the due date of the invoice, the seller is
is entitled, without a prior notice of default being required, to reclaim the delivered goods. The possibly paid
advances remain acquired to the company by way of compensation. The buyer cannot assert any right in this regard to
these advances paid.
1. With regard to the protection of personal data, this Data Data Protection Report can be consulted via the website or
otherwise be obtained with simple request by telephone, e-mail and or by post.